Make the journey part of your brand experience.

Integrate the world’s best transportation solutions into your platform with Splyt, and empower your customers to get from A-to-B efficiently and with ease.

Upgrade your service with on-demand transportation

Splyt is your one-stop shop for access to a global network of leading mobility providers.

See how it works and how the Splyt Consumer API can benefit your travel business
Our roaming platform fits with an e-hailing company like lego bricks

Integrate mobility seamlessly into your existing set up.

No new apps. No external interfaces. This is your ecosystem: 2.0.

  1. Splyt widget

    Plug transportation solutions directly into your platform with our out-of-the-box widget.

    It’s easy to install, cost and resource efficient, and you could be up and running in just a few weeks.

  2. Splyt API

    Seamlessly integrate our partners’ fleet inventory into your native app with the Splyt API.

    Get full design flexibility and retain control over the user experience, or plug-and-play to go live fast.

Improve the customer experience, create more loyalty, and increase your revenue.

  • Diversify your service

    Include on–demand and on-street transportation to your services and make mobility a part of your brand experience.

  • Enhance loyalty

    Delight your customers with seamless door-to-door experiences that are bookable directly within your app.

  • Boost revenue at no cost

    Get rewarded for every ride booked through your app through free Splyt integration into your app.

  • Simplify relationships

    With one single invoice and contract you gain access to leading transportation partners around the world.

  • Be fully insured

    Rides and mobility-services are covered for liability issues, should they arise.

  • Keep customers safe

    Splyt vets all transportation providers before we partner, so you can get your customers moving safely.

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