Splyt solutions for travel business

Your business offers safe and comfortable travel.

Why not extend your offer to ondemand rides?

Become a consumer

Complement your offerings with ondemand ground transportation. Benefit from a vetted global network of ridehailing providers with Splyt consumer solutions.

See how the Splyt Consumer API can benefit your travel business
Our roaming platform fits with an e-hailing company like lego bricks

What are the Splyt consumer solutions?

Integration Options

  1. Splyt widget

    Gain access to our inventory through our out-of-the-box SDK solution.

    • Minimal configuration/installation needed
    • Short time to market
    • Cost and resource efficient
  2. Splyt consumer API

    Gain access to our inventory with your own app feature.

    • Design flexibility
    • Full control over the user experience
    • Smooth integration into your native app

Why partner up with Splyt

  • Exposure

    Get access to our global network of e–hailing companies.

  • Diversification

    Include on–demand car rides to your set of services.

  • Loyalty

    Your customers never leave your app when ordering a ride.

  • Additional revenue

    Get rewarded for every ride booked through your app.

  • Simple interaction

    Just a single invoicing relationship with us.

  • Insurance

    Our rides and cyber–services are covered for liability issues.

  • Free integration

    No charges for the integration of our products (widget or API) with your app.

  • Safety

    We vet all e–hailing companies before we partner up.

Ask us more.If this sounds too good to be true, convince yourself.