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Splyt takes your local brand global in an instant. Through our Roaming Technology and with no changes to your App your customers can book rides all over world. We believe that you know your customers best and we want to enable your engagement with them on a Global Level.

Global Roaming

Splyt connects e-hailing and urban mobility companies across the globe through a single backend integration with our Roaming API.

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Social Ride-Sharing SDK - easily integrated with your App to transform your on-demand e-hailing offering.

White Label

A Fullstack On-demand
e-hailing solution customised for your brand and business.

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A simple Backend to Backend Integration to Go Global

Customers will benefit from the ultimate ease of using ride-hailing services when travelling internationally

Immerse your customers in your Brand wherever they go

No changes required to your existing App

Accept bookings from inbound travelling Passengers

Integrate our
Roaming API

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