Let's shape the future of mobility, together!

Why we created SplytCon

We created SplytCon because we believe innovation stems from collaboration. More or less yearly, SplytCon brings together global travel and mobility influencers to drive new ideas on how to shape the future of interconnected mobility, and to create a network of like-minded people based on lasting partnerships.

Driving the conversation forward for...

  • Ridehailing & ridesharing

    Why do we love it so much and how is it transforming the world we live in? Why, when and where does sharing a ride become a necessity?

  • Local & global mobility

    Seamless, interconnected transportation solutions shouldn’t end at a city’s border. Just as your mobile phone service doesn’t end at the airport, how can we enable mobility-services roaming?

  • Electric & autonomous vehicles

    Electric transportation is here. What improvements can we expect? How far are we from fully autonomous vehicles?

  • Buying & using

    Who will own and service car fleets in the future?

  • Big Data in mobility

    How will big data shape up the connectivity of tomorrow?

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