Let's shape the future of mobility together!

Why we created SplytCon

We created SplytCon because we believe innovative ideas stem from collaboration. Our goals are to bring together global mobility influencers, educate through enabling dialogue between mobility consumers and providers, and create a network of similar minded people based on lasting partnerships.


  • Ehailing

    Why do we love it so much?

  • Ride sharing

    Why, when and where sharing a ride becomes a necessity?

  • Electric & autonomous vehicles

    Electric transportation is here. What improvements can we expect? How far are we from fully autonomous vehicles?

  • Urban & global mobility

    How can we travel smoothly and swiftly on a global scale? Impediments & Solutions.

  • Car ownership

    Who will own and service car fleets in the future?

  • Big Data in mobility

    How will big data shape up the connectivity of tomorrow?

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