Roaming API

Especially designed for e‑hailing partners that aim to combine the benefits of the Splyt Consumer and Provider API.


Single Integration with Dual Benefits

By opting to integrate the global Roaming API you unlock the benefits of simultaneously being a Splyt Roaming network Provider and Consumer. Through the Roaming API you will be able to increase your fleet utilization by accepting global roaming passengers whilst allowing your passengers to take your application and brand global, to book rides in our partner territories.

Integrated Support Offering

At Splyt we understand you have invested into retaining your passengers and providing them with the best journey experience possible. We screen and vet all new partners to ensure your passengers feel safe and have an outstanding journey when taking global roaming journeys.

Payments made easy

Splyt makes payment processing easy. Our admin portal tools provide you with an overview of incoming and outgoing rides. Splyt handles payments of incoming passengers providing you with a reconciliation overview of incoming and outgoing payments. By exclusively working in your operational currency we reduce your foreign exchange exposure allowing you to grow your roaming offering powered by the Splyt Roaming router.

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