Provider API

The Splyt Provider API allows you to integrate your dispatch logic with the Splyt roaming network, extending your service to a global audience through a single integration.


Multiple partners

Maintaining technical and financial relationships with a large number of partners in the e‑hailing industry can become complex and time consuming. Splyt has resolved this pain point by becoming your single point of contact, offering access to a global list of trusted and vetted consumers.

Increase Fleet Utilization through global Customer Base

The cost of acquiring new passengers is a lengthy and often costly process requiring marketing and product investment. By integrating the Splyt Provider API you can grow your customer base on a global level, thus allowing you to decrease your driver downtime and increase revenue through higher ride volumes.

Payments made easy

One of the core benefits of becoming a provider in the Splyt roaming network is the ease of receiving payments for journeys completed by your fleet. Splyt takes care of payment processing for all rides taken by roaming passengers. With our customizable Admin Portal Solution, you are able to access invoices, journeys and manage users effectively.

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