Consumer API

Gain access to the global Splyt partner inventory by integrating the Splyt Consumer API. It is designed and built as a router to allow e‑hailing journey requests to be sent to one of our network partners.


Global Reach

Through a single integration of the Splyt Consumer API you will be able to send your users on a global on-demand journey. The API is designed to be industry agnostic for a wide range of application to easily access our operational partner territories and send journey requests for on-demand rides. Let Splyt act in the background as a router whilst your customers continue to interact directly with your brand.

Increase Customer Retention and Product Offering

Add a new product to your already existing app – increasing your user in-app retention time and brand engagement. Offer your customers on-demand rides through the integration of the Splyt consumer API. Whether your passengers want a pick-up at the airport, go to a business meeting or visit a local sight – our partners provide the best ETA and service to take your passengers there in an instant.

Payments made easy

One of the core benefits of becoming a consumer in the Splyt roaming network is the ease of handling payments for journeys completed by your users. Passenger billing remains under your control but you only need to maintain one invoicing relationship with Splyt rather than having to synchronize with all of our global providers. With our customizable Admin Portal Solution, you are able to access invoices, journeys and manage users effectively.

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