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Splyt Partners with Easybook to Integrate Domestic Transportation Options

Written by Splyt

Date published 11/4/2021

Splyt, the leading global lifestyle services network, has partnered with Easybook to enable smartphone users  across Southeast Asia to book and pay for bus and ferry journeys from directly within the Grab superapp.

Splyt makes global and domestic travel easier by enabling the seamless integration of mobility and lifestyle services into travel platforms, superapps and wallets. By interconnecting apps, end users can access multiple services via the superapps they already use most, greatly increasing convenience. Splyt has an extensive track record of such interconnections, having integrated ride-hailing, airport transfers, and micromobility into Alipay, Trip.com, as well as several airlines.Enabling users to seamlessly book Grab’s wide range of mobility services, from ridehailing to a bus or ferry service makes this multimodal, mobility-as-a-service solution unique across Southeast Asia.

Enabling users to seamlessly book Grab’s wide range of mobility services from ridehailing to a bus or ferry service makes this multimodal, mobility-as-a-service solution unique across Southeast Asia.

Philipp Mintchin, Co-founder and CEO of Splyt: “Splyt already enables over 2 billion smartphone users across the world to book and pay for ridehailing, local taxis, bicycles, and scooters. It gives me great pleasure that Splyt and Easybook are now enabling Grab users to also book buses and ferry tickets in Malaysia. It’s a natural extension of our business, and the concept of the superapp.”
William Lee, CEO of Easybook: “Our aim is to increase the reach of our services.  With Splyt, we have found a partner that was able to quickly and fully integrate our services into the Grab platform, which has over 350 million users."

Currently Grab users in all 13 states in Malaysia will be able to easily book city-to-city transportation directly within Grab, without the need for an additional app or login.  Over 15,000 bus and ferry routes in Malaysia are now directly bookable.

About Splyt

Splyt is the leading global lifestyle services network. Our technology integrates ridehailing, airport transfers, bikesharing, scooters, public transport, and food delivery into superapps and travel platforms, enabling them to unlock the world for their customers.

We work with a trusted network of partners in over 2,000 cities and 150 countries to enable travel platforms, wallets and superapps to keep their customers within their own app, improving customer loyalty and increasing revenue.

Splyt is a talent-heavy scale-up with offices  in London, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Tokyo. Our current staff of 75 includes 25 nationalities and speaks over 20 languages. For more information, please visit www.splyt.com.

About EasyBook

Easybook.com was founded in 2006 from Singapore and Malaysia. Its platform provides a land and sea travel marketplace for travelers to find and book transportation, as well as a backend system for transport and terminal operators to manage their daily operations.

Easybook.com is the largest land and sea ticketing platform in ASEAN in terms of the number of transport operators, routes and gross merchandise value, with 40 million tickets sold to date.

Easybook.com offers a network of over 3,000 operators available throughout all ASEAN countries and more than 3 million users in the Easybook.com ecosystem. Platform help millions of people travel smarter and smoother across ASEAN countries, offer the widest range of routes and ticket types, and user-friendly mobile app. For more details, please visit www.easybook.com.

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