SplytCon 2017 in Barcelona

This article was posted on 9 November 2017

A year ago, Splyt decided to create SplytCon as a dialog-enabling platform between the disruptors and the disrupted in the urban mobility space. As the line between OEMs and mobility service providers blurs, leaders and experts in mobility meet under one roof. SplytCon 2017 took place in Barcelona last October, gathering representatives from 27 different mobility and technology companies participants came from 20 different countries across the globe. SplytCon hosted companies from the ride-hailing space, as well as financial institutions, OEMs and autonomous leaders.

Our passion for democratising the global mobility industry lead us to create SplytCon. Our vision is to make it become the industry go-to conference Philipp Mintchin, Splyt's CEO and founder.

Leaders in urban mobility came together to discuss ideas and concepts that are changing the way we move within cities. In the fastest evolving industry of today, urban mobility is being shaped by new technologies and business models. Ride-sharing is undoubtedly the instigator of the urban mobility evolution although initially not considered a threat to traditional modes of transportation, its business model and service are the roots of many of today's disruptors. New mobility and traditional mobility companies are embracing the future which is happening today.

SplytCon 2017 focus was centred on industry-challenging topics such as e-hailing, ride-sharing, autonomous vehicles, roaming and the decline of traditional car ownership. Experts on the topics held thought-provoking keynotes. Philipp Mintchin mentions:

Having such a variety of companies and people from different backgrounds and fields of expertise under one roof, exchanging knowledge and connecting with each other makes SplytCon an event of a kind. At Splyt we are happy to be a point of connection to improve the future of urban mobility.

We thank our panelists, speakers, and our moderator Lukas Neckermann for the invaluable talks hosted at SplytCon 2017. We look forward to next year's SplytCon and to enabling knowledge sharing, opening dialogue and creating and fostering global connections. See you next year!