Yati came to roam with us

This article was posted on 14 May 2018

A few things have changed lately within our team. As Splyt faces another big step in its existence, I am happy to announce the latest addition to our team, Haryati Afendy. As Head of Partnerships, she will be the link between the travel market and Splyt products.

For a while now, I thought our field team needs some reinforcements. In mobility, things happen fast and we want to stay on top. Suddenly, myself, Nik and Stephen were not enough to represent Splyt in conferences or meetings around the world. Since the beginning, I knew Splyt is going to take us places, and I always envisioned the travel market as part of the mobility industry. But, to our delight and surprise, after partnering up with CarTrawler, we realised there was much more to the travel industry than we had originally estimated. So we needed an expert in the field.

Say hello to Yati.

Many things can be said about her, but personally, I think it’s her persistence and attention to detail I like best.
With five-year experience at trivago, she brings new insights to the travel industry and its dynamics. Yati hit the ground running. In the five weeks she’s been with us, she’s already represented Splyt at EyeforTravel Europe and Skift. In the future, you will find Yati at similar events, exploring opportunities for expanding our partners’ areal and lining up the future key elements of the first mobility marketplace.

The travel industry is so much more than a few key global companies. There are plenty of local, yet strong, market players who require special attention. As Splyt is taking more and more space on the global mobility canvas, I have faith in Yati’s international experience and abilities to convert leads and cultivate them into long-lasting partnerships. Her determination reminded me a little bit about myself in the beginning. I don’t think her dictionary contains the word ‘no’.

Besides that, Yati also equates with structure. She is well on her way to implement a management system that will help us handle relationships with our partners smoother.

That being said, I think it’s pretty clear why we like her. So Yati, I think I can speak for the entire team when I wish you a warm welcome aboard the Splyt ship! We are so happy to have you and are looking forward to the next years.

Philipp Mintchin, CEO of Splyt