Waging info-wars on the Electric car

This article was posted on 18 July 2018

Waging info-wars on the Electric car

Electric vehicles are as bad, if not worse than their petrol and diesel counterparts.

If you calculate the overall lifetime emissions of EVs, they come out as the real polluters.

The EV battery production process is a highly polluting one.

And we need to burn more fuels, like coal, to charge them! That's bad!

Yes. It's bad. That is why people don't do it!

The UK and Canada and many others have dropped their dependence on coal.

Only 9% of UK's electricity comes from coal, 40% comes from a much cleaner natural gas.

25% of Britain's energy supply is now renewable.

Sonnen, a European company, helps people install solar panels and sell the electricity onwards.

Sonnen makes it so that everyone on its network is always using renewable energy.

This includes the charging of electric cars.

Battery production is a polluting process, but recycling them is set to become a lucrative venture.

But the petrol lobby is still going strong.

Misleading articles still sometimes pop up in credible media sources.

Ontario has just dropped its electric and hydrogen vehicle support program.

This was to lower petrol prices, leaving EV buyers without subsidies and chargers.

Even with the cap-and-trade program that helped fund EVs, Ontario public pays half of the UK average per litre fuel price.

The move is essentially another subsidy for the fossil fuel industry.

But as battery tech progresses EVs become cheaper and more viable.

EVs can leave a negative carbon footprint, but the use of renewable energy greatly reduces the impact.

So EVs will continue being much less polluting than internal combustion engines...

As long as we don't revert back to coal power!