The UK’s transportation shift just got real

This article was posted on 3 August 2018

The UK’s transportation shift just got real

The call for evidence for the Future of Mobility Grand Challenge is on!

The UK’s government is looking for actionable ways to:

Declutter the country’s streets Make transport emission-free
Promote shared mobility
Connect to the Internet of Things

Electric bikes, Electric cars, Autonomous vehicles & even Flying cars - anything goes.

The strategy of the Future of Mobility Grand Challenge will be released at the end of the year.

The government is putting an emphasis on cargo logistics and online shopping deliveries.

Electric cargo bikes are to become a large part of the solution.

These bikes, as well as lighter electric vans, should replace the 4m vans currently out there.

The AV market is set to reach £52bn by 2035 and the UK wants to be at the forefront.

The hope is that driverless cars/pods will help remove parking from city centres.

The freed-up space is expected to be used for redevelopment and urban housing.

Mobility as a Service is also expected to play an important part in the countries modernisation.

London and other cities are to implement MaaS to minimise the impact of the personal car.

MaaS, AV and connected vehicles are expected to provide vast amounts of valuable data.

6 startups working in the fields of simulations & data will soon receive £12m in funding.

How can you and those you know contribute to the Grand Challenge?