London's electric Black Cab is the global taxi of the future

This article was posted on 8 August 2018

London's electric Black Cab is the global taxi of the future

London's Black Cab has always been recognised as iconic.

The newest electric version is going overseas to become the icon of the future.

Comfortable, spacious & electric, it is the perfect taxi for our eco-conscious world.

The new TX is produced by the London EV Company, formerly London Taxi Company.

Its panoramic roof, six seats and a small turning circle make it perfect for city streets.

The model is fully-electric and range extended, capable of 640km (337 miles) per charge.

The TX is eco-friendly and relatively easy to connect to on-demand and dispatch services.

The Netherlands signed a 225 car deal with LEVC back in mid 2017.

A deal with Norway’s Oslo followed in late 2017.

Damn it - it’s always the same story!

Now LEVC is going to compete with German car-makers in their own market.

IOKI Hamburg, an on-demand ride-pooling service, is already using a fleet of TX cabs.

The system is run by Deutsche Bahn’s subsidiary IOKI, a demand responsive platform.

The service has its own app, but Hamburg’s public transport tickets are also accepted.

LEVC is owned by Geely, a Chinese manufacturing company, and builds its cars near Coventry.

The cab's unique design & 'clean' features may see it become an icon beyond London's roads.