Drive a car/Get a cab from the same app

This article was posted on 25 July 2018

Drive a car/Get a cab from the same app

ReachNow, by BMW, has combined car-sharing and ride-hailing into one app.

You drove yourself to a bar and had a drink? Use the same app to get a lift home.

The service is in a pilot stage in Seattle and is not available round-the-clock just yet.

Make sure to get out of that bar before 2am or you'll be stuck with a regular old taxi!

ReachNow Ride is the company’s on-demand solution that also offers scheduled pick-ups.

The Ride service and carsharing offering are accessible through the same app.

Putting these different offering in one place drives home BMW's focus on multi-modal mobility.

ReachNow's ride-share option is set up as a high-end experience on par with Lyft Lux.

The drivers are professionals and you can have your own temperature and radio presets.

There is even a "quiet mode" if you are feeling particularly antisocial.

With its $2.40 per mile / $0.40 per minute, it is slightly cheaper than Lyft's $2.81 / $0.50 Lux price.

Even though ReachNow won’t beat with Lyft's standard price, at least there is no surge pricing.

BMW & Daimler will be merging DriveNow, Car2Go and their other mobility businesses.

Can we expect DriveNow cars being available via MyTaxi app and vice versa?