Dockless bikes/scooters VS cars

This article was posted on 27 July 2018

Dockless bikes/scooters VS cars

People have been vocal about dockless bikes and scooters clogging the streets.

"Riders leave their scooters in random places, and that can get messy"

Companies, like Bird, Ofo and Lime, have been criticized for disregarding the status quo.

SF resident
"I think everybody should pick them up and throw them into the bay"

No. Do not throw anything into the bay.

In response to the outcry, Lime has introduced “Parked or Not”.

The in-app feature allows riders to rate each other's parking, promoting good behaviour.

But isn't it the city's responsibility to provide proper infrastructure?

Our cities have been built with cars in mind or have evolved to accommodate them.

It is estimated that the US has 2bn parking spaces for its 200mn cars!

Jackson, Wyoming, with a population of ±10k, has over 100k parking spots.

New York has 1.85 million spaces, with the lowest surveyed number of 0.6 per household.

Seattle has 1.6 million parking spaces, that's 29.7 per acre and 5.2 per household.

Its estimated cost of parking per household is an astonishing $117,677!

How about, instead of banning dockless bikes and scooters, cities give them parking spaces...


Up to 7 bicycles and even more scooters can comfortably fit in a parking spot of a single car.

Two car parking spaces can have Lime bikes and Bird scooters for the whole block to use.

With the sharing economy and general decline in driving, cities won't need so much parking.

What they will need are clean modes of transport accessible to all.