Splyt Roaming platform

Your business offers on–demand rides.

Why not build up your customers' loyalty?

Why not increase your fleet's usage?

Be a provider

With Splyt Provider API, you will increase your fleet's usage, thus the revenue of your business, by exposing it to our global roaming network.

Our roaming platform fits with an e-hailing company like lego bricks

Be a consumer

With Splyt Consumer API, you build your customers' loyalty by allowing them to order rides from your app in all countries covered by Splyt.

Our roaming platform fits with a travel company like lego bricks

Be consumer & provider

Splyt Consumer & Provider API allows your business to grow by combining the benefits of both Consumer and Provider APIs.

Our roaming platform fits with a travel company like lego bricks

Why partner up with Splyt

  • Exposure

    Get access to our global network of partners.

  • Loyalty

    Your customers never leave your app when ordering a ride.

  • Simple interaction

    Just a single invoicing relationship with us.

  • Flexibility

    You can pick from our partners, the ones you want to roam with.

  • Additional revenue

    Get rewarded for every ride booked through your app.

  • Free integration

    No charges for connecting your app with our Provider API platform.

  • Insurance

    Offer your customers safe travels with our liability insurance.

  • Support

    Even after integration, we are still here for any technical issues.

Ask us more.If this sounds too good to be true, convince yourself.