We are Splyt.

We make travel easy by connecting mobility stakeholders around the world through a unique agnostic platform.

Our story

May 2015

Splyt is launched in London as a competitor for Uber. The company shares Uber's B2C business model and relies on an e–hailing B2C app, but unlike Uber, Splyt focuses on ride-pooling.

Jul 2015

Splyt is slammed with a lawsuit by Transport for London for operating without a private hire license. The team considers alternatives outside the UK. In the following six months, the company signs white label license agreements with taxi companies in France, Belgium and Nigeria.

Nov 2016

SplytCon Dubai brings together mobility experts from around the world. Mobility interconnectivity becomes an obvious need.

Jan 2017

Following the Dubai conference, Splyt switches gears from a white label company to a roaming platform – a unique access point to a global mobility market that connects providers with consumers of on–demand transportation services.

Feb–Oct 2017

Splyt signs with a number of leading global e–hailing providers. The car inventory available on the marketplace reaches 28 million cars in over 29 countries and across 5 continents.

Oct 2017

At SplytCon Barcelona we explored the future of urban mobility.

2018 – Near future

Splyt will diversify the type of consumer partners: hotels, airlines, booking platforms, OTAs, expense platforms, travel experiences; a new SplytCon is also on the horizon.


We believe the future belongs to interconnected mobility.

We created and are continuously improving the Splyt Roaming Platform to be a global mobility marketplace that offers multimodal transport options to our partners.

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