Lukas, welcome to Splyt!

This article was posted on 10 October 2018

Lukas Neckermann has been an advisor for Splyt for some time now. Recently, we have decided to cement his role in the company by making him Chief Strategist. Because of his vast experience in both business and mobility, Lukas will help with planning and making business decisions in the future.

In the mobility industry, we live life in the fast lane. Being or adapting to change is what we do. Trendsetters or resilient is who we are. Splyt has taken us in many places we hadn’t planned for. At this particular moment in our company’s life, we all felt like it was time to add seniority to our team.

We are all very passionate about what we do and we certainly have experience in the mobility industry, but I dare say that Lukas brings a little more than experience to Splyt. I think he brings wisdom and the perspective that comes with it.

Lukas brings a little more than experience to Splyt.

With a BA in Science and Technology Studies from Cornell University, a MBA in Finance, Management and International Business from NYU, and 20 years of leadership experience in the automotive, media and financial services, Lukas is a distinguished speaker, author and business consultant. He is the head of Neckermann Strategic Advisors, a London consulting company focused on mobility and smart cities.

Lukas believes that “the mobility revolution is coming at us a lot faster than most people realise. The bits and pieces are coming together.” His vision of a world who moves within an integrated network that combines autonomous, emission-free vehicles for both personal and public transportation coincides with our goals here, at Splyt. Therefore it is not a surprise we bonded over our common passion -- mobility.

I distinctly remember him interviewing me for one of his books, “Smart Cities, Smart Mobility”. This very relaxed, savvy guy, asking me about things I had been pondering myself for some time. Obviously, the discussion took off. Since then, Lukas has become a trusted advisor, a strategist, and a friend. Welcome to Splyt, Lukas, and here is to the exciting times ahead!