Building autonomous ride-share from scratch

This article was posted on 30 July 2018

Building autonomous ride-share from scratch

Zoox is a secretive startup going up against Uber, Lyft, Waymo, GM and others.

Many of these firms want to launch their ride-share services using AV tech retrofitted cars.

Zoox founders are convinced that future's self-driving cabs should be built from scratch.

One of the challenges for robots is considered to be their trouble communicating with humans.

Before they cross the road, pedestrians want to know that they are seen by a car.

Blinking hazard lights & simple hand gestures are important parts of the driving culture.

All Zoox prototypes are built with communication in mind.

Their cars are all electric and can easily manoeuvre in all directions thanks to the unique drivetrain.

Zoox makes the state of the art driverless software but wants to make its own cars too.

As Tesla CEO Elon Musk found out, building your own production line and vehicles isn't easy.

The company's Tesla Model 3 hellish production is a perfect case study.

Waymo shifted from building their own cars, Uber and Lyft also have their own hardware partners.

GM is building its driverless car with a more unique setup - without a steering wheel...

But GM has years of car-making experience and uses an existing drivetrain as a template.

Zoox will need to perfect its car production line to rival Uber/Lyft in their coverage.

Zoox success can make OEMs run for their money,

Their failure can reinforce the status quo.